Kanchan Bhaskar

Kanchan Bhaskar, an Indian-American, is a first-time author with master’s in social work and a certificate in life coaching. Being a successful Human Resource professional, her expertise is in training, mentoring, counseling, and coaching. She has taken the role of Advocate, speaker, and coach for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Kanchan is blessed with three loving children, a daughter, and twin boys who are well-settled in their lives in the USA.  She lives in Chicago.

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“A gripping story of one woman’s self-emancipation from marital despotism.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Through Bhaskar, we learn that while there are cultural differences from country to country, the effects of psychological and physical abuse are the same—as is the abuse cycle. She clearly shows denial's role in abuse, answering the questions, ‘Why doesn’t she leave?’ and ‘Why does she go back?’ Even after a woman has escaped her abuser, emotional scars must be healed—and it can take a very long time to recover. This detailed journey takes Bhaskar from a life of fear and pain to one of success and fulfillment.”
—Karen E Lee, retired clinical psychologist and author of The Full Catastrophe: A Memoir

“It takes immense courage to leave an abusive relationship. Kanchan Bhaskar’s memoir is an easy-to-read roadmap from leaving to recovery and thriving. Her compelling story equips readers with the means and grit required to rekindle a healthy relationship with Self and others.”
—Pat Davenport, CEO of A Safe Place

  “A memoir of distinction. A gift to the world. A clarion call for action against domestic violence.  Bhaskar is unapologetic in her storytelling, expresses strong feminist opinions and is brutally honest about the violence inflicted upon her by her former spouse. “Leaving” is a memoir of distinction because of that honesty and for its precise details and palpable sensory experiences - the stench of filth in an isolating village, the burn of a slap from her abuser’s open hand, the vision of rage in his eyes, the joy of her children’s laughter, the taste of freedom, the intuition of knowing what is good for her, and not. But moreover, the work demonstrates the supreme courage it takes to live through abuse as well as the significant fortitude necessary to share one’s experience with the entire world. Bhaskar has done all this and more. “Leaving” is a gift to the world born of one woman’s suffering and strength and is nothing short of a clarion call for action to be taken against domestic violence.”
—Maria MacMullin - Host of Genesis The Podcast;

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